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Thursday, April 13th 2006

9:17 AM

Beth and Meg go to Johnson City

Ok I have been a lazy blogger lately.  Point of fact is that my life has been pretty mundane the last coulpe of weeks though I am thinking about posting a blog featuring the funnier highlights.  Fortunately for me my dear friends Beth and Megan have swooped in to save the day.  I love those girls.  They have been mentioned in previous blogs.

Last weekend while everybody here in Campbell COunty was hunkered down to weather the hellish storms the ravaged the area Beth and Meg took off for my old college of ETSU.  I knew they would have fun but I wasn't prepared to hear about the story that followed.

The met up with their friend Maren when they got there.  Apparently somebody Maren knew was celebrating a birthday that weekend and had invited Maren, who in turn invited the Dynamic Duo of Beth and Megan. Apparently the guest of honor's family was paying for everybody that night. Now if you haven't read my previous stuff concerning these two all I can say is I hav never met two girls that were more deserving of the title of She-Pats.  They are loud, fun, and can be downright rude if you piss them off.
Well they joined the limo ride for this party. Apparently they ended up at one of Johnson City's nicer eating establishments and were busy trying to find the most exspensive thing on the menu when the guest of honors grandmother approached them.  Grandma said, "excuse me but (insert birthday slut's name here) has no idea who you are and we think you should leave."  This was a bad move on Grandma's part as she had no idea who she was dealing with.
Bithday Slut's family had gotten here a very nice three layered cake that was sitting near the exit.  Beth decided she at least wanted a taste of the cake's icing so she got a handful on the way out.  Mrgan decided that the cake looked to good for people who would kick the Dynamic Duo out of a birthday party to enjoy, I mean reall Batman and Robin never got kicked out of parties.  Megan accidently tripped into the cake and it must have slipped off the table onto the floor.  Well in the immortal words of my hero Tucker Max if those sluts at the party can't take a joke, FUCK THEM!

For those of you that would like to see Beth and Meg here is a link to Meg's myspace profile, Beth is the blonde in the pics with her:
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