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Saturday, March 18th 2006

9:08 AM

Pat's first hate mail

I'm so happy.  I got my first ever piece of hate mail concerning www.thepat.org .  This makes so happy that I am going to share it with all of you.  Edited to protect a friend's identity of course and wiht some commentary.

I do want you to know that I think you ought to rethink your pics on your, Pat's
sweeties page. How old are you? and how old are they? I'm sure [name deleted] would like to
see his daughter on your site like that. I'm sure there is other people that might
be interested. But [name deleted] especially!! She's 16! A minor, a kid, underage, not
legal, I think you get my picture! So, either the pictures of [name deleted] comes off, or
well you try and guess! You know, might not be anything illegal but then again
[name deleted] might think other wise, but even if not you do a have rep you might want to
think about. And wouldn't look to good in the paper, there's that name again,
[name deleted]!! Just one more thing, I have daughters and this, well not going to happen
in this life time.

Today is not to soon!
But rather the best time!

OK let's break this down.  I never post pics at www.thepat.org that weren't given to me by the person with the express purpose of putting them on www.thepat.org . These are not nudes I had up, in fact I don't have anything that would be considered near nudes up.

I may post this lady's email addy for future consumption on the message board.

I love the way this person thinks I need to worry about my reputation.  I have news for you lady, my reputation is that I am a drunk, obnoxious, partier, that happens to like younger women.

Here is the best part, she claimed it wouldn't look good in the paper.  Who the blue hell is she kidding???  There is no such thing as bad publicity!

So in response to this I will soon be expanding the Pat's Sweetie's section on www.thepat.org and hopefully I will piss this woman off further.

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