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Wednesday, October 18th 2006

3:02 PM

The UT-Georgia Game

Apparently every year my alma mater the University of Tennessee plays the University of Georgia.  For the last several years I have missed these encounters because that seems to be the game me and the crew get retardedly drunk.  Last year was the first time since the LPV (ah how I miss that place) that I witnessed one of these games.  This year Manwhore was able to find us a place to ahev a UT/Georgia party.  His new lady friend who we will call Michelle let us use her place.  Her neighbors who we will call Bobby, Sam, and Amanda were also there.  I went to high school with Bobby, Sam, and Amanda (Sam and Amanda are married by the way) but never really partied with them.

I thought I would be a good guest and bring some rum and tequilla for everybody to drink.  Apparently everybody there was happy with their beer.  Pussies.  Oh well more booze for The Pat.

The tequilla bottle was only half full from a previous ball game so I figured I'd go ahead and get going.  I had finished the tewquilla by the ned of the first quarter.  When I started drinking the rum Michelle looked at me all horrified and said, "Patrick you will keep all of your clothes on tontie right?"  I assured her I would knowing that I would make a liar of myself as the rum flowed.  After my third shot of rum Michelle finally took it away from me.

Fortunately for me Bobby found me entertaining.  Everytime Michelle and Amanda would leave the room he would go piour me another shot.  He even pured me a shot of ameretto that almost made me lose it because of its sweetness.

I started making phone calls at halftime.  I don't remeber who all I called but I was later told by Whiskey(of the www.thepat.org message boards) that I talked to him at legnth.  Manwhore and Michelle took my phone from me to keep me from inviting my entire contact list over for the festiviteis.

After the game was over we moved into the garage are for some reason.  Bobby had enough and walked home.  For some reason rum affects me differently than other booze.  As we discovered on July 4th weekend rum sends me into a Hitler frenzy.  I began making a speach to Manwhore, Michelle, Sam and Amanda.  I told them how smart and strong I was and at one point jerked my shirt off.  I'm sure this thrilld them to no end.  I also apparently confessed to Amanda in fromt of her husband that when we were in high school that I wanted to drink her dirty bath water.  At this point I am glad I choise that one rather than telling her I wanted to eat the corn from her shit.

I don't remeber much of what happened next but Sam and Amanda left and The Schwan arrived from Powell Valley.  Sadly I couldn't enjoy this LPV reunion as I had passed out on the couch.

The next day I found out that Ut did inded win the game.

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