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Tuesday, January 31st 2006

9:05 PM

Fun with Mexicans

This Friday was a little abnormal for me.  Normally I'm pretty much a creature of habit and have a very set schedule.  This past friday was different.  I worked at the gym and Cody and Sierra were out doing something so I accpeted an invite to go eat with the gym crew.

I joined John and Amy along with their children Brandon and Lil John(not of the East Side Boys), Freddy and Bunny Foo Foo, Demott and Thomasina, and Ed and Nikki of myspace fame at El Pueblito's, our local Mexican eatery.  The evening was fun but fairly uneventful and Nikki had to leave early.  She missed the real fun of the evening.

Demoot made a trip to the restroom and secretly informed the Mexicans that it was John's birthday.  Before I go any farther let me describe John.  John is a large man of about 6'5", owns a gym and is a martial arts instructor.  He very much looks the part and you can tell he is not a man to be fucked with.

The Mexicans came out with a sombrero and a whipped cream covered soapapilla to smash in his face.  The Mexicans seemed a bit intimidated about doing this.  Demott took it out of their hands and smashed the soapapillia and all of its accompanying whipped cream directly into John's face.  John jumped up and the Mexicans scattered like somebody ahd yelled,"INS this is a raid!"  John got up and began chasing Demott.  Thomasina had jumped up and started running as well.  The chase ended in the back room when Demott, being the good boyfriend that he is, shoved Thomasina into John, thus saving himself and sending the two of them flying into a table that was being used to restock the trays containing the salt, pepper, and sweeteners.  The Mexicans looked very alarmed but were far to terrified to say anything.  Things got worse when Brandon ran up with a handfull of whipped cream and crammed it in Demotts face.  At this point a full blown whipped cream fight began.  that left almost all of us with some sort of dairy on us.  We compensated the Mexicans by leaving them a good tip, it was probaly the equivilant of 1,000,000 pesos, or about twenty American dollars.  I think they drew straws to see who had to come take our money for the food. 

Demott reports that the martial arts class went to El Pubs the next day and were allowed to eat

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Posted by Christina CG:

Hey Ese... good thing I wasn't there I know Mexican Judo!

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Tuesday, August 8th 2006 @ 2:00 AM

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